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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shrink Sleeve Nomenclature Explained

WPCT 8625-11/UNI

     This ^ would be a common nomenclature for one of our most commonly sold products.  In this blog post, I'll walk you through exactly what it means and give several other examples.  

     The first set of letters (to the left of the first space) represent the MATERIAL TYPE.  Covalence has a number of different product and material types designed for a number of different pipeline conditions and parameters.  In this case, this product is our WPCT product (which is designed for pipelines that will operate at ambient temperatures).  

     The first set of numbers (to the right of the first space) represent the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of the substrate in mils; so 8625 mils is equal to 8.625 inches; a common pipe size.  We always size our sleeves by the largest substrates outside diameter in order to be sure that the sleeve is long enough to properly wrap around it.

     The second number; just after the - is the PRODUCT WIDTH (standard product widths can be found here and you can find help in determining how wide of a shrink sleeve you need here).  In this case, this WPCT sleeve for an 8" pipe is being offered in an 11" width.

     Finally, the /UNI indicates that this is a one piece sleeve; with the closure strip preattached to the shrink sleeve in our shop.  This makes installation in the field significantly easier and we've found it drastically reduces the number of field problems that arise.

    A few more examples:

DIRAX 4500-12 - this is our DIRAX sleeve designed for use on pipe that will be road bored or directionally drilled; for a 4.5" OD pipe; in a 12" width.

WPC120 16000-34/B/UNI - this is our highest rated product (temperature wise); WPC120 (rated for use on lines operating at up to 120C) made for a 16" OD pipeline; and offered in a 34" width.

CS 36000 - This is our Caseal product designed for a 36" OD casing which comes in a standard 24" width (width is not listed for this product).

TPS 6625-18 - This is our Tubular Pipe Sleeve (also called a slip on or sock type sleeve) designed for use on a 6.625" OD pipeline and this is being supplied in an 18" width.

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