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Friday, July 5, 2013

How do I Seal a Casing Pipe?

    Question:  How do I seal between a casing pipe and a carrier pipe?

     Answer:  Every casing pipe that goes into the ground has to be sealed with something.  The reason for this is that the interior of the casing pipe is not coated.  If water and oxygen are present, that casing pipe will begin to corrode from the inside out.  Eventually, it will rust completely away and the casing will collapse on the carrier pipe (which could cause plenty of damage all on its own); and the carrier pipe will no longer be protected by a casing.

     That is where our Caseal comes in.  It is a high expansion, fiber reinforced, heat shrinkable sleeve with an incredibly aggressive mastic (this mastic will adhere to any commonly used factory applied pipeline coating).  The Caseal (casing seal) is designed to seal between the casing and carrier and offer excellent abrasion and penetration resistance to that casing; for the life of the casing.  The Caseal does NOT serve to keep the carrier pipe centered within the casing (you will need something else for that) but it does create a long lasting and reliable seal that will not suffer from cracking or drying out during the years it is in service. 

     Beyond that, the Caseal is a simple, easy and quick install requiring no special training or equipment (just a propane tank and a propane torch).  Whatever else you might be using to seal your casing; I promise, it cannot be this easy.

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