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Friday, July 12, 2013

How Many Closures Per Sleeve?

Question:  I have a customer who is going to purchase master rolls of heat shrink sleeve material and cut their own shrink sleeves to length.  How many closures strips ("WPCPIV") will they need per shrink sleeve that they cut?

Answer:  First I would say that this is certainly an option.  Sometimes it makes sense for someone to purchase bulk master roll of WPCT (available in 11", 17",24" and 34" widths with the nomenclatures: WPCT 11x300-roll; WPCT 17x300-roll; WPCT 24x100-roll and WPCT 34x150-roll).  A customer might choose to do this because they have many different pipe sizes and configurations and they would rather custom cut their sleeves instead of order the cut pieces from us.

In any case; the answer for this one is simple.  Any wrap around shrink sleeve requires ONE and only ONE closure strip (sometimes also called a zipper; a WPCP or a patch).

heat shrink patch
This is a closure.  One is required for every wrap around shrink sleeve.  WPCPIV

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