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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pipeline News Round Up 7/26/13

News of the Week in the Pipeline World

- Average annual salaries of Corrosion professionals in the United States has been released.  It is quite an interesting article.  In addition, I've heard often over the years that the next generation of corrosion experts just haven't been showing up as expected.  As an example - on average - a Corrosion professional in the US who has worked 1 year and has only a high school education is making ~$90,000 per year.  (Read more here).

- Enbridge Flanagan South project set to kick off.  (Read more here).

- Expect more rail car accidents and spills as production exceeds pipeline capacity forcing rail transport.  (Read more here).

- Illegal pipeline tapping results in explosion in Mexico. I've heard of this happening often in Africa, but this is the first time I've seen it in Mexico (though the article says it happens often; resulting in an amazingly large loss due to theft for Pemex each year).  Read more here.

- Poor quarterly results for El Paso.  Strange.  Read more here.

- Vermont Natural Gas looking to get permitting done for new Natural Gas pipeline.  People raise all kinds of silly complaints.  Read more here.

- Pemex plans 114 Km; 48" Pipeline.  Read more here.

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