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Monday, July 29, 2013

How Do I Seal Up a Buried Flange?

     In the world of flanges; finding a way to properly seal a buried flange can be quite difficult.  There are some methods out there; but they are often messy and difficult.  Beyond that; what if you need to get back into that flange?  Allow me to introduce the Covalence Flangeseal. 
Covalence FlangeSeal
     Flangeseal is made from a high expansion, fiber sheet reinforced heat shrink sleeve.  It is built to bridge the large OD differentials between a flange OD and the pipe OD.  Coated with an aggressive mastic sealant; the Flangeseal (FS) bonds to all commonly used factory applied coating.  The Flangeseal also exhibits superior penetration and abrasion resistance thanks to the high density backing and the fiber sheet reinforcement. 

     In addition, the Flangeseal can be installed (if you choose) to be re-enterable.  In such a case; some cardboard (supplied) is wrapped around the bolt section of the flange and if necessary; the Flangeseal can be removed from that section using a sharp razor knife.  No need to pack the bolts with wax; no need for a messy pour of PU foam; no need for any of those awful; messy options.  The Flangeseal is here to make your life easier and reduce labor costs.  Call today for pricing:  we will need the OD of the flange and the OD of the pipe. 

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