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Monday, August 5, 2013

How Much Flexclad Tape Do I Need To Coat a Bend?

Question:  How do I figure out how much Flexclad Heat Shrinkable Tape I will need to coat a bend or a length of pipe?
Heat Shrink Tape
An installed section of Flexclad.  Isn't this a good looking installed product?

Answer:  If you'd asked me three months if I'd ever be writing about mathematical formulas on this blog - I would have laughed in your face!!  But here I go.  In all cases; we are calculating based upon the Flexclad tape overlapping onto itself by 1" during the spiral wrapping process. 

 In order to calculate how many feet of tape you will need for your section of pipe; you need to know the OD of the pipe and you need to know how many linear feet of pipe you will need to cover.  In the case of the 90 in the picture above; you need the OUTER most length in linear feet (the outer curve is longer than the inner curve).  So assuming you have those:

With 2" Flexclad:  Pipe OD X 3.14 X Linear Feet of Coverage Required = the footage of Flexclad you will need.  All Flexclad is sold in 50 foot rolls; so if you require 85 feet; you will need to purchase 2 rolls.

With 3" Flexclad:  (Pipe OD X 3.14 X Linear Feet) / 2 = the footage of Flexclad you will need.

With 4" Flexclad:  (Pipe OD X 3.14 X Linear Feet) / 3 = the required footage of Flexclad.

So, there you go.  A pretty simple formula really (I think I still have nightmares about High School Physics and some of those formulas!).  If you need help; just give us a call and we'll help you figure it out!

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