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Monday, August 5, 2013

Three Layer Heat Shrink Sleeve System

Question:  Which Covalence heat shrink sleeve system is specifically designed to be used with three layer polyethylene (TLPE) factory applied coatings?

Answer:  HTLP60 and HTLP80 are specifically designed to recreate the factory applied TLPE coating at the field joint.  Rated to 60C or 80C (respectively) HTLP products do exactly that.  Utilizing Covalence S1301M liquid epoxy and an HTLP60 heat shrink sleeve, the HTLP heat shrink sleeve system takes the best that liquid epoxy offers; the best that high shear adhesives offer and the best that a heat shrink sleeve backing offers and bundles it all up into one cohesive; fantastic pipeline coating.

HTLP is also compatible with FBE, CTE and other commonly used pipeline coatings (though not typically PP). 

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