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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Efficient Use of S1301M Epoxy Primer

Help!  I'm running out of S-1301M epoxy
Help!  My crews are using too much epoxy
Help!  The S1301M epoxy is going as far as it is supposed to!

     It is a call I've had a number of times over the years: "This epoxy covering as many joints as it is supposed to; what am I doing wrong?"

     The S1301M epoxy is used with DIRAX, with HTLP60 and with other products.  It is designed to be applied in a very thin layer (microns).  In order to achieve that; it is very important that the crews are properly preheating the pipe before applying the epoxy.  Much like honey; the epoxy can go on a hot pipe (140F - 190F) in a very thin layer.  Apply it to a cold pipe and it will go on very thick (1/4" or more). 

     The other thing that can be done is to try to keep the epoxy kits in a warm place.  If the epoxy is 30F, it is going to be very difficult to mix; and it is going to go on thick.  On the other hand; if you keep the epoxy in a warm environment, it will be easy to mix and easy to properly apply.

     When people are over-using the epoxy, it has almost always been that they aren't preheating the pipe.  So, don't be THAT guy.  Preheat your pipe.  It will insure a better coating; it will insure a longer lasting coating; it will speed up your epoxy cure times and it will save you money (since you won't need to buy extra epoxy if you use it properly).

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