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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heat Shrink Sleeve Packaging Info

I am commonly asked:  How many shrink sleeves come in a box and how much does it weigh?

Looking just at two of our most commonly used products (WPCT and TPS) see below for answers.

Wrap Around Shrink Sleeves
(also available in 17", 24" and 34" widths)

WPCT 2375-11/UNI
50 per box; 28# per box

WPCT 3500-11/UNI
50 per box; 36# per box

WPCT 4500-11/UNI
50 per box; 42# per box

WPCT 6625-11/UNI
35 per box; 44# per box

WPCT 8625-11/UNI
30 per box; 45# per box

WPCT 10750-11/UNI
30 per box; 51# per box

WPCT 12750-11/UNI
25 per box; 52# per box

WPCT 16000-11/UNI
15 per box; 38# per box

Tubular Shrink Sleeves 
(also available in 9" widths)

TPS 2375-18
30 per box; 17# per box

TPS 3500-18
25 per box; 21# per box

TPS 4500-18
25 per box; 25# per box

TPS 6625-18
15 per box; 21# per box

TPS 8625-18
15 per box; 27# per box

(call us at 936/321-3333 for sizes and products not listed)

     Now, we do not enforce standard box quantities for our Covalence heat shrink sleeves (formerly Raychem heat shrink sleeves), but it is simpler to give the basic information in standard box quantity increments.  To reiterate:  read about Covalence wrap around shrink sleeves here.  Read about Covalence tubular shrink sleeves here.  Read a summary of most of our product line here.

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