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Monday, August 26, 2013

Same Day Shipping for Raychem and Covalence

     Here is one I get on a weekly basis:  HELP!  We forgot to order the shrink sleeves and we now have pipe welded and ready to to -- but no shrink sleeves at the job site!  Can you help us?

     We've been doing this a long time.  We started as a direct field office for Raychem Corporation and since the mid 1990's, we've been Joint Specialists.  We do not have any fantasies about the place of field joint coatings in the oil and gas pipeline world.  We know that we are almost always the last detail to be considered (even though we are incredibly, critically important to the life of your pipeline).  So, we are used to being an afterthought and it is for just that reason that we utilize our 30+ years of experience to make sure that we keep just about anything you could possibly need sitting on the shelf; ready to go.

     I'd say that 90% of orders placed with us ship same day.  Another 8% ship one day after order receipt (most of the time this is because the order was placed after 4pm and we just can't get a truck here in time).  It is only about 2% of orders placed with us that don't ship right away.  So, if you've got an emergency; you've found the right people.  Give us a call and let us get to that you can get to work.

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