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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Do I Coat a Buried Flange?

Question:  How do I coat a buried flange?

Answer:  SIMPLE!  We have a product called Flangeseal (FS for short)
that is designed for exactly this application. 
flange coating
Covalence Flangeseal is the perfect product for coating flanges.
Flangeseal is made from a high expansion, high density polyethylene shrink sleeve.  
It is manufactured with a fiber mesh woven into the PE backing; this gives it excellent
abrasion and penetration resistance.  The fact that it is a high shrink product (shrinking ~66%)
means that it can bridge the large gap that is typically found between flange OD's and pipe OD's. 

As if that is not enough; it gets better.  Flangeseal is supplied with an option cardboard sheet.  
If that cardboard sheet is wrapped around the flange prior to installing the FS shrink sleeve, 
the flange has now become a re-enterable flange.  With a razor knife (and probably a lot of
sweat), the flangeseal can be cut off; pulling the cardboard away with it; giving
complete access to the flange (anything that the cardboard was touching).

 To get an idea of installation; look at the following installation video for Caseal.  
Flangeseal is made from the same material and would behave very much like this.

Call today for pricing; but PLEASE have the OD of the flange and the OD of the pipe handy
as we need both dimensions to be certain we are offering a product that will 
do exactly what you are expecting it to do.

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