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Monday, September 9, 2013

High Temp Shrink Sleeve - WPC100M

High Temp Shrink Sleeve
Berry WPC100M
Covalence WPC100M (formerly Raychem / Berry)
     WPC100M is a wrap around heat shrink sleeve designed for use on pipelines that will operate at elevated temperatures.  In a situation where this sleeve will be in contact with soil (buried as an example) it is rated to 80C (176F).  In cases where this sleeve will be encapsulated in some way (beneath an infill system; beneath insulation, etc) it is rated to 100C (212F).  

     With a long, successful use history, WPC100M has proven reliability both in terms of performance and in terms of having a simple, easily repeatable installation.  WPC100M is a two layer heat shrink sleeve.  The outer layer is a radiation crosslinked, high density polyethylene.  The inner layer is a specially formulated, aggressive mastic sealant.  

     Like many of the other products in the Covalence Heat Shrinkable products family, WPC100M is supplied with PCI.  This means that the backing of the sleeve is supplied with a dimpled cross hatch pattern and as the shrink sleeve is properly shrunk, this pattern fades to a smooth surface.  This gives installers, inspectors and end users the confidence of knowing that heat shrink sleeve was properly heated during installation.  

     The aggressive mastic sealant is also capable of bonding to all commonly used pipeline coatings; including (but not limited to) FBE, polypropylene, polyethylene and CTE.  This makes the WPC100M one of the most versatile products in the market place.  WPC100M can be used on any pipe size; from 2" up to and beyond 48".

high temp shrink sleeve

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