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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bumper Doughnut Sleeve for Bundled Directional Bore

    Question:  I have a bundled directional drill that includes a 6" pipe.  What can I use to hold a doughnut in place to prevent the pipes from bumping into and damaging one another?

     Answer:  When you're dealing with a 6" pipe; that presents a challenge.  In the world of heat shrink sleeves, the important dimensions are 6.625" (the OD of the pipe) and 8.625" (the OD of the substrate which is the 6" pipe plus two layers of 1" thick rubber.  Unfortunately, that 8.625" down to 6.625" would require just a bit more shrink ratio than the DIRAX is able to provide.  So in case like that, we must use a different product that is still fiber sheet reinforced; but is also a high expansion product. 

rubber doughnut cover
Bundle Bumper Sleeve for Smaller Diameter Pipe
     What you see here is our BBS/CCS for a 6" pipe.  The doughnut is 2" wide (along the pipe) and 1" tall (two 1" x 1" doughnuts pushed together).  An excellent product and those doughnuts are not going to be going anywhere!

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