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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WPC100M Shrink Sleeves With S1301M Epoxy

WPC100M used with Epoxy?

      I had the question today:  do we have to use S1301M epoxy with the Covalence WPC100M shrink sleeves?  The answer is a simple one: absolutely not. 

     WPC100M is designed to be installed as a stand alone pipeline coating, requiring no primers or epoxies.  I would say that in 99.9% of the jobs that I've been a part of that have installed WPC100M shrink sleeves as their field joint coatings there was no epoxy used.  The WPC100M system just wasn't created to require an epoxy primer.

     Having said that; the sleeve system will still work if you use the epoxy.  The sleeve system will still perform well (perhaps even better in some areas like cathodic disbondment) if installed over epoxy.  It just isn't necessary.

     At the same time, though - it is possible that the specifics of this job could preclude using the S1301M epoxy.  If you're working on an offshore lay barge; it is unlikely that anyone is going to want to waste the time waiting for an epoxy to cure (even though it cures very quickly).  In addition, sometimes an epoxy acting as a primary corrosion coating requires a greater level of steel cleanliness prior to install.  In many cases, a wire brushed pipe surface just isn't going to be sufficient to get the type of bond you're looking for.

     So, NO- I believe the WPC100M shrink sleeve is an excellent pipe coating all on its own; without introducing a two part epoxy into the picture.  But it is your money - and if you're prefer to spend a little bit extra in order to improve the performance of the well proven shrink sleeve a little bit - then who am I to stop you? 

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