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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WPC120 / PPS120 High Temp Shrink Sleeves

WPC120 / PPS120 

      WPC120 (also sometimes called PPS120) is our highest rated (temperature) heat shrink sleeve system.  Rated for use on pipelines operating at up to 251F (120C), this WPC120 has a long, successful use history both on and offshore.  Interestingly, this same shrink sleeve (WPC120/PPS120) is used in two separate pipeline coating systems.  I'll break those down below.

     As WPC120, it is a stand alone two layer shrink sleeve system.  With the outer side being a heat shrinkable, high density polyethylene backing and the sealant layer being a high temperature, high shear hot melt adhesive, WPC120 is written in specs all over the world (and has been for many years).  Compatible with both PE line coatings and FBE, WPC120 is the field joint coating of choice for high temp lines.  

     As PPS120, the WPC120/PPS120 shrink sleeve is one component of the PPS120 shrink sleeve system.  PPS stands for "PolyPropylene Sleeve".  When used in conjunction with S1113 mastic and S1401M liquid epoxy; this sleeve system can be used with polypropylene coated pipelines and has been for years.  Polypropylene is a different animal when it comes to pipeline coatings.  It is difficult to bond to which makes it a challenge for any field joint coating; but the PPS120 sleeve system has been used to tackle that tough problem many times over the years. 

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