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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Raychem | Raychm | Raycham | Rychem | Ray chem | Reychem| Rachem

Raychem Shrink Sleeves for Pipeline Use and Electrical Use

     Ok!  I know that is an awfully strange title for a post (up there) but this is really meant to serve as a public service announcement.  It seems that just about everyone in the world knows the Raychem name, but many people in the world are unfamiliar with the exact spelling of the name.  That makes sense of course - as Raychem isn't a "real word."  Instead it is a combination of the two words:  Radiation Chemistry.  Of course - based on that (or if you knew that), you would logically think that in that case, Raychem should be spelled Rachem (as some people do).  Well, you'd be incorrect -- but hopefully you'd still find it!

     "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet."  Well, I think it could also said that a shrink sleeve system (whether for pipeline or electrical application) by any other still as reliable, effective, dependable, available, cost effective and simple to install...."  Is that too long of a slogan for a business card?  I tend to think so.  

     So, if you've found this page because you searched for Raychem using one of the spellings listed above (Raychem, Raychm, Raycham, Rychem, Ray Chem, Reychem or Rachem) - are welcome!  I hope you haven't google surfed for too long before finding this page!

     Now - if you're here - you may be thinking "ok - thanks for the help...but who are you?" We are Joint Specialists (JSI Coatings).  We are an Elite Distributor for Raychem / Tyco Electronics products (which include hundreds of different products for energy, electrical, splicing, mining, lighting and sealing applications).  We are also a Master Distributor for Covalence Heat Shrinkable products - which was once Raychem's pipeline division (sold off a few times in the last decade or two).  In addition - we are distributors for the Denso line of products - which includes their radically popular Protal 7200 two part epoxy and other tapes, petrolatum tapes, etc for all kinds of sealing and corrosion prevention purposes.  

     We are ready, willing and eager to help you with any technical questions, pricing, quotations, projects or specification work that you might need.  So fill out that little box over there -- or call us at 936/321-3333 - or visit our product website at - or email me at  Don't waste any more of your time on google searches!!


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