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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pipeline Shrink Wrap

     Shrink Wrap for Pipelines

pipeline shrink wrap
One example of our Pipeline Shrink Wrap - in this case; sealing a Flange (and re-enterable!)
     Pipeline Shrink Wrap.  Shrink Sleeves.  Dope Wrap.  Cigarette Wrap.  Tape Wrap.  Hot Wrap.  Rubber Wrap.  Shrinky Dinks (ok - no one has ever used this phrase to describe a shrink sleeve; but they do use the same technology of crosslinking to work!).

     No matter what you call them (and every time I think I've heard it all...I hear another), they all describe the same thing:  a heat shrinkable plastic, shrunk with a torch or a heat gun, designed to offer some kind of protection, insulation or sealing to some kind of a substrate.  The bulk of our business is in the pipeline world; but we are also involved in the electrical world; offering splices; sealing anode lead wires; protecting road bore pipe; and really just about any scenario that can be imagined.  When someone has a unique or unusual coating/sealing application - we are often their first and last stop to find a solution.

     With a proven use history, shrink wrap as a pipeline protector, pipeline coating, pipeline sealing, electrical sealing, cable repair, splice sealer, flange sealer, casing sealer, road bore coating, motor connection kit, high voltage termination, etc, etc, etc, etc is reliable, repeatable, dependable, cost effective and generally approved pretty much everywhere.  We know the truth - there aren't a lot of people in the industry who are genuine experts in heat shrink technologies.  It can be frustrating to find the right people to talk to.  It can be difficult to get a quote.  It can be impossible to get delivery information.  Joint Specialists changes that.

     We keep a large stock of material - ready to ship immediately.  We are technical experts.  We can help you find solutions.  We are the shrink wrap experts.  Give us a call or contact us using that box to the upper right of this page. (or call: 936/321-3333 -- or email:

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