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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Preventing Corrosion on Steel Couplings in HVAC/Refrigeration Systems

When steel couplings of some kind are used in order to join together aluminum or copper tubing in HVAC and refrigeration systems, there are a number of complications that can arise.  First of all, any time dissimilar metals are near one another, you can expect there to be some corrosion issues down the road.  Beyond that though, you could run into potential issues as the tubing is likely to sweat...possibly causing water to pool beneath the insulation...possibly causing corrosion issues to your steel coupling.

The simple truth in these situations is that the coupling really needs to be coated with something to protect it from the tubing sweat.  Facts are facts:  anytime steel is going to be left in a location where water can pool - that steel is going to be slowly destroyed.  Now, we have several options for coating these couplings (which can range in size from 1/4" up to 2"). 

WCSM is a Raychem product with a long use history.  It covers a wide range of substrate sizes through its high shrink ratio.  It is internally coated with a sealant that prevents any water ingress...and bonds to the substrate preventing air pockets, etc.

MWTM could be another option.  MWTM is very similar to WCSM, but with a slightly thinner wall thickness.

CRSM could be an option as a wrap around product.  It also utilizes an adhesive sealant, and uses Raychem's rail and channel technology so that it can be installed onto an existing line (rather than being slid into place first).

No matter what your sealing requirements - I'd bet just about anything that we can find a solution for you.  Give us a call - we specialize in using our available products to engineer a solution for your specific application.

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