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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pipe Coating for Saturated Soil

Pipeline Coating for an Airport

     In my time in the pipeline coatings world, I'd estimate that I've had this question about a dozen times.  A pipeline is being installed at an airport.  This pipeline is going to carry fuel to the airplanes.  In addition, it is my understanding that the soil at an airport often becomes (or at least there is fear that it will become) somewhat saturated with fuel. 
     This raises the question:  what is a good pipeline coating that will not be absolutely decimated by exposure to some kind of fuel or solvent?  They certainly don't want any sort of a corrosion problem on a pipeline carrying jet fuel located in the middle of an airport!
     My answer has always been the same.  First and foremost, they absolutely do not want to use any type of a mastic coating.  Mastics do not hold up well to solvents.  This would rule out products like our WPCT, TPS or WPC100M products.  It would also rule out cold applied tapes. 
     Hot melt adhesive sealants, on the other hand, hold up very well against exposure to these types of materials.  A hot melt adhesive is a firm, solid material while at ambient temperatures; but when heated above its crystalline melt point, it flows and fills.  As it cools again, it hardens again.  While it  is in its hardened state, it is very resistant to chemical influences and has been used often in airport type applications.  
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