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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pipe Bumper Doughnut

Bore Bumper System (BBS)

pipe doughnut
A JSI BBS installed on a 16" OD pipeline.
  Bundled Directional Bores

Directional drilling applications are one of the most difficult for a pipe coating to withstand.  With a bundled directional drill, the coating is challenged even more. 

Factory applied coatings are generally not designed to withstand the forces of a directional pull AND the tremendous impact caused by two heavy steel pipelines banging into one another.
Add in the fact that these sections of pipe will literally never be seen again and it quickly becomes clear that a reliable, proven bumper system is an absolute must if you want your pipeline properly coated and protected.

bundled directional drill
Here you see the BBS system installed on a 16" pipe fully supporting the weight of a 16" pipe and preventing pipe collisions
  Proven Bumper System

Incorporating a specially designed and formulated bumper/doughnut with a heat shrinkable holder proven to withstand the forces involved in a directional drill; the Joint Specialists system is superior to every other bumper out there.

No more rope bumpers.  No more steel banding next to your pipe.  No more polyurethane pours.  No more time consuming, unrepeatable installs. 
Your pipe is too important to risk letting it damage itself during a bundled road bore.  Install the best bumper system today so you can avoid major coating problems tomorrow.

 Prior to the bore hole, the pipe was suspended in this case to give it a good angle into the hole.

A rare sight indeeed.  Here is the BBS system AFTER the bore.  Bumper still in place. Sleeve unscathed.  Pipe protected.  The profile of the bumper is unchanged.  Another SUCCESS for the BBS bumper system.

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