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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anode Splice Encapsulation Shrink Sleeve Kit

Anode Splice Encapsulation Shrink Sleeve Kit (ASE)

The Raychem Anode Splice Encapsulation Kit is a heat-shrinkable sleeve internally coated with self-encapsulating adhesive that enables it to completely insulate and seal such connectors as the standard split bolt and compression connector. 

The ASE is designed specifically for protecting anode splice connections of HMWPE, HDPE, and Raychem Permarad cables used in impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Insulated and sealed in minutes: 
Simplicity of design enables rapid and reliable installation. A single splice encapsulation kit covers many cable sizes while eliminating time-consuming taping as well as compound mixing and curing. The kits can be installed in approximately three minutes at temperatures as low as -40°F (—40°C). 

ASE splice encapsulations can be direct-buried immediately after installation. The completed encapsulation is mechanically strong, electrically insulated, and sealed from moisture and contamination.

Material properties: 
The dielectric strength of ASE splices has a typical value of 300 volts/mil (min) @ .050" using ASTM D149 test method; the volume resistivity is 1 x 1013 ohm cm min. ASTM D257; cold impact —55°C, "no breaking," ASTM D746, and water absorption (24 hr @ 25°C), .5% max, ASTM D570. 

The ASE splices are designed and tested to ANSI C119.1.

Materials in kit:
1 Heat-shrinkable wrap-sleeve 
1 Insulation strip or black insulation tape 
2 Tie wrap 
1 Closure channel

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