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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anode Splice Encapsulation Shrink Sleeve Kit Installation Guide

Anode Splice Encapsulation Shrink Sleeve Kit Install Instructions

Preparing the Cable:

  Install connector. Note maximum length of stripped wire leads. Wipe off excess contact compound.

Position tie wrap(s) as shown. Two are required for "H" connections. Note: 1/8 inch gap produced for adhesive encapsulation.

Wrap insulation strip or tape centered on connection. If required, heat strip end slightly to tack in place.

Position Sleeve:


Position sleeve closure over main cable run.

Slide channel onto sleeve rails.

Channel ends should extend evenly beyond ends of sleeve.

Heat-shrink assembly:

Using yellow tip of torch flame, apply heat in a uniform back and forth motion, giving special emphasis to rail/channel area.

Apply heat until all indicator paint changes color. Adhesive will extrude from sleeve ends

A few minutes cooling may be required for complete encapsulation to occur between cables.

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