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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shrink Tubing for U-Bolts

Shrink Tubing for U-Bolts

     Coated U-Bolts are required for many, many different applications.  These coated u-bolts are used to secure piping and prevent corrosion in applications where a coated U-Bolt is required - including refineries, chemical plant, paper mills, rigs, offshore oil and gas structures and others. 
     Having a coated U-Bolt gives your pipe better corrosion prevention (as it avoids dissimilar metals being next to one another).  It also avoids the wear and tear that would occur with pipe movements having a pipe rubbing against a bare U-bolt causing dramatic abrasion in the metals which can cause corrosion on a micro level almost instantly and extensive corrosion within weeks or months.  As a side note, using a coated U-Bolt can reduce noise in cases where your piping is vibrating for some reason or another. 
     We supply a wide range of heat shrinkable tubing options for coating U Bolts.  These are available in 2:1, 3:1 and even 4:1 shrink ratios.  These tubes are available uncoated (normally an adhesive lined tube is not required in these situations and the fact that the tube is uncoated, the cost can be dramatically reduced).
     If you are coating U-Bolts and require a heat shrink tubing to suit your needs; contact us at your earlier convenience so we discuss the different options that we could offer you.

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