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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Questions About Heat Shrink Sleeves?

Do you have questions about heat shrink sleeves or other pipeline coatings?

(Edit 9/9/14:  In the last week there have been hundreds of views of this article, but only a few questions.  If you have questions - please send them over - I'm here to help you.)

     With more than 100 combined years of pipeline coating experience with many different coating technologies, there is a very good chance we can help you find answers to your questions.  Simply email a question to me ( and I will have a very quick answer back to you.  Your question and answer may very well (anonymously) end up as a post here as well.  
     Our coating expertise touches on:
  • heat shrinkable sleeves
  • two part epoxies
  • cold applied tapes
  • fusion bond epoxy
  • visco elastic materials
  • polypropylenes
  • and others
     More often than not, if we don't have the answer to a specific question of yours....we can fairly easily direct you to someone who can. 
     At Joint Specialists, our pipeline coating experience dates back to the mid 1970's and covers time in sales, research & development, materials quality, tech service and production.  We've done nearly everything that is done in the coatings world. 
     The best news is, we offer our experience and advice free of charge.  There is no consulting fee for a simple technology discussion.

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