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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heat Shrink Sleeve Benefits

Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Benefits (and Assets)

     What are the technical assets of heat shrinkable sleeves?
  1. Covalence shrink sleeves have adhesives compatible with all plant coatings.
  2. Heat shrink sleeves are shrinkable!  They have the ability to conform to irregularities (weld beads, coating transitions, etc)
  3. Mastic shrink sleeves have self healing characteristics.
  4. Shrink sleeves are resistant to damages
    1. Resist backfill damage
    2. Resist damage from J tube placement of pipe
    3. Resist roller damage in offshore lay barge applications
    4. Resist pipe spooling in reel bare operations
  5. Heat shrink offers cathodic disbaonding resistance
    1. Ability to resist cathodic disbanding under a variety of conditions.  Shown itself to withstand disbanding at hydrostatic pressures in deep water.
  6. Shrink sleeves have a non-melting backing
    1. Ability to withstand hot mastic pour systems at mastic temperatures of 200C plus
    2. Unaffected by polyurethane foam where temperature generation can reach 300F
  7. Heat shrinkable sleeves are designed to last as long as your pipeline does
    1. Shrink sleeve backing is made with UV stabilizers and antioxidants
  8. Heat shrink sleeves offer excellent electrical properties (this is a good thing in spite of what 'the other guys' say....over and over and over and over.
  9. Joint Specialists is able to offer product support after the purchase of product

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