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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Heat Shrink Sleeve Construction Advantages

Pipeline Shrink Sleeves Construction Advantages and Benefits

     Heat shrinkable sleeves for coating pipelines (particularly- Covalence shrink sleeves which were formerly known as Raychem shrink sleeves) have a variety of advantages over other competing pipeline coating technologies. 

     Reasons to use shrink sleeves on your Onshore Pipeline:

  1. Shrink sleeves offer a fast and easy installation
    1. No special tools
    2. No special cleaning
    3. No priming (unless you choose to)
    4. Minimum labor required
  2. Covalence shrink sleeves offer a clear, positive visual inspection tool built in
    1. Shrink sleeves conform to the weld and the coating transition
    2. Heat shrink shows mastic exidation the sleeve edge
  3. Shrink sleeves are resistant to damage
    1. caused by backfill
    2. caused by pipe handling
    3. caused by skids
  4. The shrink sleeves you're using for the field joints can also be used for repairing damage to:
    1. epoxy
    2. coal tar
    3. enamel
    4. PE
    5. and other pipeline coatings
  5. Shrink sleeves can be used for coating bends (particularly our Flexclad product)
  6. Sleeves are readily available and able to ship same day from our warehouse in Conroe, TX 77385
  7. Field service and job kick off training can often be scheduled for larger jobs.  For smaller jobs, unlimited video and verbal training can be arranged.


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