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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIRAX 16000-17 Directional Drilling Sleeves

Dirax 16000-17 or DIRAX 16000-12

     One of the most common conversations I have with customers is about the nomenclature.  People want to know the exact correct way to inquire for shrink sleeves and to order sleeves.  This way they can be certain they know what they are ordering...exactly.  Makes a lot of sense to me.  So, I'll break it down here for our DIRAX material which is most often used for road bores and directionally drilling applications.
An installed DIRAX sleeve on 24" pipe.
     So, you've got an RFQ or a requisition form calling out for DIRAX 16000-17.  Let me walk you through exactly what that is.  To do this, we will be breaking that part number down into three different sections:
  1.  "DIRAX"
  2. "16000"
  3. "-17"
     Part 1:  DIRAX.  DIRAX is a product developed by Raychem and now manufactured and sold through distribution by Covalence Specialty Materials (which is owned and operated by Seal for Life Industries).  There is nothing else on the market quite like DIRAX material.  Featuring a backing comprised of two layers of polyethylene sandwiching a layer of fiber mesh, the DIRAX has unparalleled penetration resistance and abrasion resistance.  The DIRAX adhesive is a high shear, high peel resistant thermoplastic polyamid adhesive.  Installed on top of our S1301M Epoxy Primer, your field joint will be protected.

     Part 2: DIRAX 16000-17 - what does the 16000 mean?  That first number is simply the outside diameter of the substrate that this specific part is designed to be used on.  In this case, DIRAX 16000 means DIRAX for 16" pipe.  It is really that simple.  If you were looking to use DIRAX on a 12" pipe it the nomenclature would be DIRAX 12750.  If you were using DIRAX on a 6" pipe the nomenclature would be DIRAX 6625.

     Part 3:  DIRAX 16000-17 - what does the 17 mean?  Again, very simple.  The final number is the width of the shrink sleeve that is being requested.  Standard widths for the DIRAX product are 12", 17", 24" or 34".  We are able to supply DIRAX in custom widths so don't be afraid to ask. 

     Lastly, I would share that DIRAX is sold as a kit.  This means that one line item includes the main shrink sleeve and includes the three inch wide leader strip and includes all necessary closure strips (preattached to sleeves) and includes a suitable amount of the S1301M epoxy for properly installing the shrink sleeves.  Extra epoxy is always certainly available if some aspect of your project isn't going to allow you to use the epoxy as efficiently as possible. 

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