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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Berry Plastics - Covalence Shrink Sleeves

Berry Plastics Covalence Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

     Above, you see the logos for both Berry Plastics and Covalence heat shrinkable technology.  Berry Plastics is the owner of many, many, many of which is Seal for Life.  Seal for Life owns and operates several pipeline coating technologies, one of which is Covalence heat shrinkable sleeves which were formerly known as Raychem heat shrinkable sleeves or Tyco Adhesives or Tyco Electronics or Tyco CPG (Tyco Corrosion Prevention Group).  Things sure do get awfully confusing at times in 2015 corporate America, don't they??

     Though the name has changed many times over the last decade (and I'm afraid there is the distinct possibility that the name changes again several times in the coming decade), there are a few facts that are important to remember.  In this last decade, the products haven't changed a bit.  The manufacturing plant has not changed a bit.  The stringent quality requirements haven't changed a bit.  The excessively strong product performance hasn't changed a bit.  The only change has been the labels on the boxes and the printing on the sleeves themselves. 

     So whether you are looking for the premiere product for coating road bores and directional drilling applications:  DIRAX.  Or whether you are looking for our standard WPCT shrink sleeves (or our WPC100M or our WPC120 or our HTLP sleeves), you've come to the right place. 

     In addition, if you are looking for shrink sleeves that meet the AWWA C216 standard, we have those as well:

     So, don't let the "Berry Plastics" name scare you.  Sure, they are the industry leader is mass produced plastic materials selling everything from plastic bags to plastic containers....but they are also the industry leader in pipeline coating prevention products; with multiple product technologies in their bag including two part epoxies (Powercrete), viscoelastic (Stopaq), shrink sleeves (Covalence), tapes (Polyken) and linear anodes (Anodeflex). 

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