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Monday, March 9, 2015

Seal for Life Industries Releases New Packaging

New Covalence Packaging Released

     Seal for Life Industries is a leader in the pipe coating and sealing world.  Owners of Covalence heat shrinkable products (known from 1970 thru 2005 as Raychem), Seal for Life Industries also owns several other well known coating and sealing product lines covering a number of different technologies.
     In addition to Covalence heat shrinkable products (formerly Raychem), Seal for Life Industries has within its product line:  Powercrete Epoxies, Polyken cold applied tape, Anodeflex linear anodes and Stopaq visco-elastic materials.  No matter your sealing or corrosion prevention application, we've certainly got the materials to engineer you a solution.
sealforlife industries
New red and white boxes for Covalence/Seal for Life products
     As you can see, the new boxes are red and white which have our warehouse looking very Christmas-like these days.  What you see in this photo is ~675 square feet of our more than 20,000 feet of warehouse and production space.  If you are needing assistance with a Seal for Life product or inquiry, we can help.

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