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Thursday, March 5, 2015

WPC65M In Stock

WPC65M Shrink Sleeves - Stocked

     This might sound strange to some of you folks out there, but in spite of the fact that (literally) millions of Covalence heat shrink sleeves are sold each and every year, there are not a lot of companies out there that keep a large stock of material on hand.  Is there anything more frustrating than researching field joint coatings, writing specifications for field joint coatings, getting pricing for field joint coatings....and then when you NEED the field joint coatings; no one has them available to ship?  I understand completely, because I speak to folks a weekly basis who have spent hours scouring the web, sending emails and making telephone calls trying to find a specific Covalence product that could ship in a timely manner.  This week it seems WPC65M is that "tough to find" heat shrinkable sleeve.

     I say "tough to find" because that's what I'm told.  It isn't tough to find for me though!  I can simply walk out my office door; walk across the warehouse and see a couple pallets of material sitting, waiting for their time to fulfill their purpose.  I think we've got just about 2000 feet of 17" wide WPC65M material on hand at this exact moment.  That isn't an enormous amount (in fact, it is a lower quantity than we stock most other shrink sleeve material types in) - but it is enough to get most jobs kicked off.  To look at it a little closer, 2000 feet is enough to manufacture:

960 each WPC65M 6625-17/UNI
760 each WPC65M 8625-17/UNI
520 each WPC65M 12750-17/UNI
Any combination of those or any other pipe size.

     It really is one of the most challenging aspects of pipeline coating distribution:  what do you stock -- and how much of it do you stock?  For twenty years now, that is a question that Joint Specialists has been analyzing, breaking down and evaluating constantly.  There is no bigger mistake that can be made in the world of coatings than to create a demand for a product and then be unable to supply it as needed.  That's why we put our money where our warehouse is and keep large stocks of multiple products on hand at all times. 

     So, if you're one of those folks tasked with tracking down some WPC65M this week.  Look no further.  Give us a call (936/321-3333) or shoot us an email ( and we will help you fill this need.

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