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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wrap Around Shrink Sleeves vs Road Bore Shrink Sleeves

Standard Shrink Sleeves vs Directional Drilling Shrink Sleeves

     Common question:  why can't I just use normal wrap around shrink sleeves for my road bores?

     The simple answer is:  standard shrink sleeves are not designed to withstand the incredible stresses that a road bore or directional drill puts a coating through.

     So what is the difference?  Let's talk about it.

     WPCT is our standard wrap around shrink sleeve.  It is a two layer sleeve incorporating a radiation cross linked polyolefin backing and an aggressive mastic sealant.  It has been used for decades successfully and does an excellent job when installed on pipelines that will operate at ambient temperatures and be either buried underground or installed subsea.  Though WPCT exhibits soil stress resistance levels that are sufficient for all standard pipe movement and backfill scenarios; it is not designed to withstand the soil stresses, penetration, abrasion and shear attacks that a coating involved in a road bore will see.  Would it work?  Possibly; but it isn't designed for that scenario and we can't give our stamp of approval to such an application.

     DIRAX on the other hand is our product specifically designed to withstand the incredibly difficult conditions of a road bore or directional drill.  Utilizing a two part epoxy bonding agent, a high shear hot melt adhesive and a multi layer sleeve backing (including a fiber mesh to add superior penetration and abrasion resistance), DIRAX is made for this application.

     Using a WPCT sleeve on a road bore would be like taking a Honda Accord through an extensive offroad driving course.  It might make it through -- but wouldn't it make a lot more sense to drive a Jeep or a Range Rover? 

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