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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WaterWrap Weld After Backfill Heat Shrink Sleeves

Heat Shrink Sleeves for Weld After Backfill (WAB) 

     Water Wrap with PCI (permanent change indicator) is a two layer field joint coating system designed for corrosion protection of buried large diameter water pipelines operating at ambient temperatures.  The 2 layer construction consists of a visco elastic low preheat adhesive sealant and a thick walled radiation cross linked high density polyethylene with PCI (permanent change indicator). 

     Waterwrap is a wrap around heat shrinkble, ready to fit assembly for the corrosion protection of field girth weld joints in water distribution and transmission systems.  Waterwrap/B is compatible with standard pipe coatings.  Waterwrap can also be used for coating bare, replacement pipe sections and large radius bends.  Waterwrap System-B is designed to be applied with a minimum preheating and is ideal for large diameter pipe.  The installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and dried (preheated) pipe surface.  The use of 939 filler is required when the step down on the weld bead is greater than or equal to 1/4".  The filler 939 is a thick mastic like butyl rubber designed to fill and smooth transition areas.  The semi-tacky composition remains flexible and easily molded in place to conform around irregular shapes.  During installation, the heat shrinkable sleeve is wrapped around the pipe and heat is applied.  The heat activated backing contracts to form a tight fit around the joint eliminating entrapped air and filling the smallest of crevices with high quality, corrosion inhibiting visco elastic adhesive sealant.  The permanently cross linked polyolefin outer layer forms a tough barrier against mechanical damage and moisture. 
     This product does not give off toxic gas vapors, it is safe to use.  This product has a high modulus backing which offers greater soil stress resistance and a great overall performance.  Product is tough but flexible and displays high impact and penetration resistance.  Waterwraps high shrink force optimizes flow and fill of visco elastic adhesive sealant. which brings with it greater long term protection.  Low application preheat makes installation fast and easy. 

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