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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Joint Specialists Celebrates 20 Years!

JSI Celebrates 20 Years as a Pipeline Coating Supply Leader

     In 2015, Joint Specialists celebrates their twentieth year as a leader in the pipeline coating world.  Throughout every one of those twenty years, we have been fully and completely committed to representing Raychem / Covalence / Berry Plastics as our primary (and for many of those years sole) product responsibility.  With direct responsibility for US product sales, we have excelled year after year, specifying, processing, manufacturing and selling many million heat shrinkable sleeves and pipeline coating solutions.  

Joint Specialists 20th year
JSI's home for the last 8 of their 20 years of service
     Our story doesn't actually begin in 1995 though!  Our story starts back in the late 1970's when Stan Simpson and Sam Damico were both young men with dreams of building a career under the tutelage of Raychem great:  Paul Cook.  Both Stan and Sam excelled within Raychem spending the their entire careers involved with Raychem (currently called Covalence) as direct employees or distributors.  

     So while Joint Specialists is celebrating twenty years as a company, our history with the Raychem / Covalence product line actually currently stretches back around 37 years!  I expect there haven't been many folks in this day and age who are able to spend 37 years committed to a single product line.  

     As for me, I'm just a babe in comparison, celebrating my 15th year with Joint Specialists and committed to the Raychem / Covalence / Tyco Adhesives product line.  As I've said many times, no matter the company name; the products are built in the same plant, using the same formulas, built from the same manufacturing specifications.  Different name at times - but same Raychem quality and ingenuity.  

     There aren't many people in the industry who can match our dedication and commitment to this product line.  There aren't many people who can match our experience level.  There aren't many people who can match our technical knowledge.  There aren't many people who can match our access to large volumes of inventory. 

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