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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bumpers for Multi-Pipe Directional Drills

Boring Multiple Pipelines at a Time in Same Hole


     As the ground in the USA continues to be ever more filled with our aging pipeline system, in some parts of the country, finding proper right of ways has become more and more difficult.  One way that some companies are choosing to get around this major problem, is to utilize directional drilling technology to lay pipelines without needing to disturb some existing lines.  In some cases, to make things even simpler, many companies are turning to bundled directional drilling applications to lay more than one pipe at a time into the same bore hole.  In cases like this, how can you prevent the different pipelines being dragged through the hole from colliding and damaging one another?  I'm glad you asked; the answer is the BBS - Bore Bumper System. 

     Used on everything from two pipeline bundles to eleven pipeline bundles (yes, we've actually seen this), our BBS bumper system has been used on everything from 4" pipe to 24" pipe.  The system itself historically has been used on pipelines up to 48" (but we've yet to see a bundle that incorporates a 48" line in it).  After numerous uses, the story is always the same; the BBS bumper system if fast and easy to install....and it works like a champ - preventing pipe collisions during the pull through AND during the bore staging.

     We've been fortunate in that we've had the opportunity to inspect this bumper system after it has traveled through the bore hole.  Did the bumper move?  No.  Did the bumper slide?  No.  Did the bumper disappear?  No.  Were there pipe collisions resulting in damage to the factory applied ARO?  No.  Every line came out of the hole exactly like it went into the hole (except for the mud of course). 
     So, if you're bidding a project that needs to include some bore bumpers - look no further - take a close look at our proven, fast and easy to install BBS system.

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