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Monday, October 5, 2015

Prevent Damage on Bundled Pipe Bores

Bundled Directional Drilling Damage Prevention

Installed BBS - 2" wide / 1" tall bumpers to protect your pipeline

Daylight can be seen in the gap created by our BBS system on a 16" pipeline.
     Steel pipe is expensive.  Factory applied pipe coatings are expensive.  Moving coated pipe around the country is expensive.  Boring machinery and crews are incredibly expensive.  I know most end users are painfully aware of this already - but pipelines are assets with incredible value and incredible revenue streams.  Line replacements, line shut downs and major corrosion problems can be career ending propositions.  So with all of that, why aren't more end users and contracting taking the extra step to put bumpers on their bundled directional drills? Some are, but many still are not.

     Pulling a pipe bundle through a boring hole puts some pretty extreme forces on a pipe coating.  The bundle can see experience unexpected bumps and bruises along the way as well.  Picture for a moment a bundled directional drill consisting of a 20" line and two 12" lines.   Each of those lines is going to weigh hundreds of pounds per meter.  What happens when there is some kind of a collision underground caused by a hiccup in the pull; a rock underneath the bundle or a slip of some kind out in the staging area? 

    Beyond that, what about after the bundle is in place?  Do you want your pipelines resting directly on top and touching one another?  Isn't some space between lines a much better option for cathodic protection systems?  I think the answer to all of these questions is pretty clear. 

     Shoot me an email and I'll shoot you an electronic copy of our BBS literature.  It shows installation steps, technical details and before and after photos of our system.  The bumpers speak for themselves and I think you'll probably agree after looking over the photos (

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