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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anode Shrink Cap

Anode Sealing Cap

     Anode Caps are designed to seal and protect the connection (highly critical) between the lead wire and the anode.  When properly installed, the tight fitting heat shrinkable anode cap provides stress relief, moisture proofs and electrically insulates the end of the anode at the lead wire exit point. It is the ideal solution to the problem of premature system failure due to loss of the wire to anode termination.
anode seal
Photo of an Anode Cap installed on an anode; protecting the lead wire connection.

     A unique, highly stabilized polyolefin material is used to mold the cap.  During the manufacturing process each cap is expanded to provide plenty of clearance for easy installation over the lead wire and the anode.  A butyl based sealant, designed to adhere to anode materials and wire insulations is uniformly coated on the inside of the cap. 

     During the installation, a propane torch is used to heat and shrink the cap.  As the temperature rises above 265F the sealant softens and the cap shrinks tightly to conform to the anode and lead wire.  When cooled, the cap and sealant provide a durable and water tight encapsulation that will retain its flexibility and integrity over a wide range of temperatures.

    Anode caps are designed for anodes 2", 3" and 4" diameter.  For high reliability in the buried or underwater cathodic protection systems, specify our Anode Caps. 

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