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Monday, January 4, 2016


Anode Splice Encapsulation Kit

     How do you seal up a standard split bolt or a compression connector?  It sounds like it should be simple (spoiler alert:  it is) but as soon as you begin to start to do it; you realize it is a bit more complicated.  Two cables moving into a connection that has only one cable on the other side.  That a scenario that has disaster written all over it.  Sure you can wrap each individual cable and then press them together and then wrap the entire thing; but that configuration is likely to leave leak paths all over the path.  Leak paths are not good.  Leak paths are bad.  Leak paths are very bad.  Beyond that, you'd end up with multiple installation steps, multiple components and you'd be heavily reliant on the skill of the installer. Yes, there are many incredibly gifted electricians on this planet.  Unfortunately, like any profession, there are also a few out there who might simply be having a bad day.  That is where our Anode Splice Encapsulation Kit (ASE) comes in.

anode splice encapsulation
Fully installed ASE

encapsulation cable splice
Cross section of an installed ASE
     The ASE is coated with a very thick self encapsulating adhesive that fills and flows to seal up every crack, crevice and possible leak path that might threaten your cable connection.  ASE is designed specifically for protecting the anode splice connections of HMWPE and HDPE (and others). 

     The ASE installation is very simple, requiring no special skills or equipment.  Rapid, reliable and repeatable installations are a hallmark feature of this product.  In addition, the ASE-4 can cover a wide range of cable sizes, reducing inventory requirements and simplifying the entire process of purchasing this material.  There is no labor required for taping and there is no time wasted with mixing components or waiting for cure times.  ASE-4 can be installed in temperatures as low as -40F.

     Full installation for an ASE-4 can be completed as quickly as 2-3 minutes.  Direct burial can occur immediately upon completion of the full installation.  The installed product is mechanically strong, electrically insulated and sealed from moisture and contamination. 

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