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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Heat Shrinkable Tape

Flexclad Heat Shrink Tape

     Whereas coating a girth weld at the field joint can be a very simple thing (as long as you are selecting the correct coating for the application); coating a pipe bend or a fitting of some kind can be a lot more challenging.  Cold applied tapes can be very simple to install; but you're going to sacrifice some performance.  Heat shrink sleeves are proven to be reliable long term coatings, but will not work on a pipe bend without some customization by your crews (which can be quite risky).  So why not combine the simplicity of a cold applied tape with the proven technical reliability of a heat shrink sleeve?  That is exactly where Flexclad was born.
pipe bend coating
Installed Flexclad on a 90
     Flexclad is spiral wrapped around the cleaned and preheated substrate, overlapping itself according to coating specifications; then shrunk down with a propane torch to form a contiguous coating.  As the Flexclad is shrunk down, the adhesive layer flows, filling all cracks and potential voids as it does.  As the shrink tape cools, the adhesive returns to its tougher, harder, original state though it will now be fully bonded to the substrate (bare steel and adjacent factory applied coating). 

     This product can also be installed on fittings and other abnormal substrates.  Generally available in 2", 3" and 4" widths all rolls are supplied in 50 foot lengths.  Full nomenclature for each size is:

2" = Flexclad 50-15000/165
3" = Flexclad 75-15000/165
4" = Flexclad 100-15000/165

     All sizes are regularly stocked at my warehouse in Conroe, TX and can be available for immediate shipment.

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