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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sealing Cathodic Protection Wire Connections

Sealing a CP Cable Connection

    Time is money.  That is a reality in this world.  When sealing up a cable connection, you have many options available to you; everything from wrapping to shrinking to curing products.  Here is something you may not have seen before:  a snapping product: GHFC. 

     That is actually GILS in that video, but the GHFC is based on the same technology, same gel closure, just slightly smaller in length.  This is an H frame gel closure for low voltage power cables running at 1000 volts or less.  It provides a fast and simple method for insulating and environmentally sealing low voltage cable taps and splices. 

     This closure uses Tyco Electronics / Raychem's innovative Power Gel sealant material to seal and protect the connection from moisture ingress, corrosion and pollution.  It is ideal for both underground and overhead applications and is especially useful for street lighting applications. 

     Simply place the connection on the closure and press the closure together.  It is that easy, no tapes, mastics, tools or mixing required.  Not heating, no curing, no wrapping.  It can quickly and simply be installed with one hand.

     Available in three different sizes:  GHFC 1-90; GHFC 2-90 and GHFC 3-90.  Contact us for pricing and delivery information. 

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