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Monday, January 11, 2016



     Once upon a time, we had a telephone call from a customer who had a very specific need (isn't that often the way that new products and applications are born?)  This was some kind of a ship builder who was wanting some type of a shrink sleeve to bring physical protection to a sub sea drive shaft of some kind.  I should be honest here and say that I don't honestly know a whole lot about this application.  I have seen photos before, but I was not involved in the development of the product.

     In this case though, what was needed was some kind of a shrink sleeve to wrap (sometimes slide) into place around an Ovako coupling and bring some amount of extra physical protection to that coupling for some period of time in order to prolong its life by some amount of time.

    I apologize, I know this is incredibly vague...but it is all I've got! 

     So the JST product was born.  JST is the nomenclature for the product that will be supplied as a tube, meaning it will be slid into place and then installed using a torch (above water level of course).  JSW is made from the same exact material, but is actually a wrap around product that wraps around that coupling and is then secured using a nylon zipper (already sewn into the product). 

     Both JST and JSW are made with the same base material -- CCS Weave.  CCS Weave is the product that we use to manufacture both our Caseal and our Flangeseal products.  Therefore - JST and JSW are both made with a high expansion, fiber sheet reinforced, radiation crosslinked polyolefin.  This material is coated with an aggressive mastic sealant that bonds to most all known pipeline coatings (and bare steel).


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