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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SZAR Shrink Sleeves

SZAR Splash Zone Shrink Sleeves

offshore shrink sleeve

     Szar (Splash Zone and Subsea Corrosion Protection for Conductor Connectors) is designed to completely seal offshore conductor connectors exposed to splash zone and subsea environments.  The installed sleeve encapsulates the connector and bonds to the conductor on either side.  The product prevents seawater from entering the connector joint and causing internal corrosion. 

     Cathodic protection is ineffective in the splash zone and on recessed areas such as the inside connectors on the subsea portions of conductors.  Effective corrosion protection for all connectors above the seabed can be achieved by using SZAR connector protection sleeves. 

     SZAR wrap around heat shrinkable sleeves are constructed of fibre reinforced, modified polyolefin.  They are precoated with a high shear strength, hot melt adhesive that chemically bonds to a two part epoxy primer.  The system provides mechanical strength and exceptional long term adhesion to steel. 

     The unique construction of the SZAR sleeve provides a tough, split resistant, low profile coating capable of withstanding the rigours of offshore installation and long term exposure to constant wave action, abrasion and impact.

     SZAR sleeves are heat shrinkable and they easily accommodate diameter differences between the conductor and connector.  Special filler strips can be provided to accommodate grooves and diameter transitions on connectors.  The filler strips soften during installation to conform to the surface of the connector and fill possible voids. 

     High performance coatings require grit blasting for effective surface preparation.  Although this can be done offshore during conductor stringing, it is much simpler to grit blast the connectors onshore and apply a coating of SZAR Epoxy Primer (S1301M).  This process will maintain the surface profile and greatly simplify offshore operations.

     To install offshore, simply preheat the connector with a propane torch to remove moisture, hand apply a second epoxy primer coating and wrap and shrink the sleeve.

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