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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Thermaclad - Covering for Insulated Pipes

Thermaclad installed over insulation
     I should mention right here up front - Thermaclad is actually a product that has been discontinued.  We have seen it replaced by products like TWDB and other options which can be installed over insulation; protecting the insulation by installing a PE jacket on the outside.   We have a number of options so this is something we really need to have some back and forth with either through telephone or email.

     Thermaclad covering was a heat shrinkable tape made of crosslinked polyolefin and lined with an adhesive coating. The covering is wrapped around the pipe in a spiral configuration.  When heated, the tape shrinks as the adhesive melts and flows through the overlapped areas, creating an environmental seal around the insulation. 

    Thermaclad covering protects the pipe insulation against damage from moisture, as well as acids, bases and solvents.  The polyolefin exterior is rugged enough to resist tampering and mechanical abuse, yet flexible enough to wrap easily around the awkward shapes of elbows, tees and valves.  The product is compact and simple to repair. 

     Installation of the Thermaclad covering requires only a torch, a knife and light gloves.  The product is suitable for use over all thermal insulation materials.  It also eliminates the need for multiple sizes of metallic lagging and clamps, thus greatly reducing inventory space and costs.

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