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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WPC120 Shrink Sleeve

High Temp Shrink Sleeve WPC120

120C shrink sleeve
Rated for use at 120C (251F) WPC120 is our highest rated shrink sleeve
     WPC120 heat shrinkable wrap around sleeves are designed for corrosion protection of girthwelds on buried pipelines operating at temperatures up to 120C.  WPC120 sleeve have a thick radiation crosslinked polyolefin backing coated with a high shear strength thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive.  during the installation the adhesive melts and flows, filling surface irregularities, bonding to metal and adjacent coated surfaces.
     At operating temperatures the adhesive and backing form a solid, tough, well bonded coating.  The flexible closure is coated with a high shear strength adhesive and is normally supplied separately with the sleeve; however, it is available pre attached to the sleeve in the unisleeve construction.

     To install, wrap the sleeve around a clean, preheated pipe (230C minimum).  A flexible closure forms the sleeve into a tube.  The sleeve is then torch shrunk and installed with simple tools.  No powder, primer or sophisticated equipment is required.  However, an induction heater can be used to reduce preheat time.

     WPC120 sleeves resist abrasion, impact and penetration, yet remain flexible even at very low temperatures.  No rock shield is required.

     WPC120 sleeves resist temperature cycling, soil stresses and hydrostatic pressure.  They demonstrate high resistance to ultraviolet light, fungus, cathodic disbondment and chemical attack by common fluids and solvents.  WPC120 sleeves are compatible with FBE, PE and most other high performance pipe coatings (but not PP unless a mastic material is used as the bonding agent).  The product has a long shelf life and is unaffected by typical storage conditions.


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