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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Casing Seal

Sealing A Casing Pipe

     When working with casing pipe; making sure that no water (or other foreign substances) gets into the casing and begins to rust it out from the inside is absolutely imperative (not to mention the fact that DOT regulations do generally require that casing pipes be properly sealed by approved methods). 

     This is something we deal with all of the time.  There are actually two options for sealing up casing pipe.  Because the costs of these options are so low; I've actually seen many cases where both are installed (they can be installed simply and easily without obstructing one another).  These two options are LinkSeal and Caseal.

     Linkseal is actually a ring around the pipe that fits inside the casing pipe; surrounding the carrier pipe.  It forms a physical seal and is able to hold internal pressure.  This is done by linking together multiple links to form an air and water tight seal around that carrier....sealed up to the internal surface of that casing, creating a perfect water and air tight seal.  Of course, there are occasions where physical damage or some kind of installer error could allow some sort of a leak path there.  That is why we often see folks install a Caseal externally.  This brings a 'belt and suspender system' to bear.  With both systems in place, that casing pipe is protected.

     Caseal is a heat shrinkable wrap around product for externally sealing the casing to carrier connection.  The Caseal is coated with an aggressive mastic sealant that bonds well to all known pipeline coatings and forms a tight seal; preventing air and water ingress.  The Caseal utilizes a fiber reinforced heat shrinkable backing specifically designed to offer superior penetration and abrasion resistance.  Caseal is also fully designed to withstand common pipe movements.
seal a casing pipe
Installed Caseal
     Caseals have been used for more than two decades now.  In spite of there being thousands of installs per year; I've never heard of a single failure.  Not one. 

Case seal benefit

Advantages and benefits of the heat shrinkable Caseal (Casing Seal) product:
  • Fiberglass reinforced backing provides high mechanical resistance and high recovery capacity.
  • 65% shrinkage ratio gives it the ability to conform to high casing/carrier transitions; reducing inventory and logistics costs.
  • Caseal resists a wide range of environmental and mechanical forces; putting a reliable moisture proof, extremely tough seal in place.
  • Specially formulated sealant ensures a strong bond and tight seal to virtually any substrate.  This sealant maintains its elasticity and sealing characteristics over a wide range of temperatures. 
  • Sealing adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damage.  This is called the self healing effect.   
  • Zipper closure system allows for a fast and easy wrap around installation.
  • Caseal can be used when casing pipe is not concentric to the carrier pipe.
  • No special equipment is required - fast, easy and low cost installation. 
how to seal a casing
Caseal Product Thickness
     Caseal is a thick product.  The backing when fully and freely recovered would be 3.25mm thick.  The adhesive as supplyed is 1.2mm thick -- and would be significantly thicker than that with a full recovery.  Beyond that, the backing is radiation cross linked which gives it superior abrasion resistance even beyond what you would see in a 3.25mm thick product.
caseal sizes
Just a few of the available sizes for Caseal
     Caseals can be manufactured for any casing size.  There is virtually no limit.  Here we see just a few examples.
  • A casing seal for a 50" casing could shrink all the way down to a 20" carrier.
  • A casing seal for a 44" casing could shrink all the way down to an 18" carrier.
  • A casing seal for a 40" casing could shrink down to a 16" carrier.
  • A casing seal for a 20" casing could shrink down to a 10" carrier.
     There is an awful lot of shrink in these things.  Please feel free to call me to discuss your specific casing seal needs.  We can help.  We are reliable.  We know what we are talking out.  A pretty good combination.

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