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Monday, February 1, 2016

How To Seal a Flange

How Do I Seal A Flange?

sealing a flange
An Installed FlangeSeal
     Raychem / Covalence's (same company) is designed to prevent corrosion of flanges and mechanical couplers.  The Flange Seal system consists of a precoated, heat shrinkable fiberglass reinforced wraparound sleeve that provides a smooth transition from flange to pipe surface.
     Flangeseal products are available in a variety of sizes that accomodate 4" to 62" (or larger) flanges and a wide range of pipe diameters.  After wrapping the sleeve around the pipe and flange, it is easily closed with the preattached zipper and then the sleeve is torch shrunk in place.  The Flangeseal system provides a moisture seal that resists heat, cold, vibration, impact, abrasion and corrosive gases and fluids.
     It is important when calling for pricing that you know both the actual OD of the Flange and the actual OD of the pipe.  With those two bits of information we can have price and delivery information for you in seconds.
FCWS heat shrink

The products features and benefits of Flangeseal (sometimes images don't show up well on phones):
  • Heat shrink backing with integrated fiberglass reinforcement that is tough and long lasting.  FS backing provides a high recovery capacity.
  • 65% shrink ratio conforms to high transitions; reduces inventory and logistics costs and ultimately saves money.
  • High mechanical resistance backing resists abrasion, impact and penetration.
  • No primer is required.  There is also no cure time. 
  • Specially formulated sealant ensures a strong bond and a tight seal to virtually any substrate.  Flange seal maintains its elasticity and sealing characteristics over a wide temperature range.
  • Sealing adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damage if there is any.  Flangeseal is self healing which saves money on repairs and CP systems.
  • Low preheat sensitivity and proven functionality leads to faster application, saving labor costs and time.
  • Zipper closure system if simple and fast.
  • No special equipment is needed.
flange seal sizing chart
Examples of a few of the sizing options.
     With its 65% shrink ratio, Flangeseal is able to cover nearly any Flange OD / Pipe OD transition.  Please have Flange OD and Pipe OD handy before contacting us for a quote at 936/321-3333.

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