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Friday, May 10, 2019

Powercrete In Stock

Powercrete Stock Overview - Joint Specialists

     As previously announced here, Joint Specialists has entered into a partnership agreement with Seal for Life to take on Powercrete kit production.  One big question when such a significant change is made is:  how much stock is going to be available for immediate shipment? 

    So here is a list of current Powercrete kit stock currently sitting on shelves in the JSI warehouse in Conroe, Texas.

Powercrete J 2# Kits - more than 8000 in stock
Powercrete J 4# Kits - more than 3000 in stock
Powercrete J 10# Kits - only a couple dozen in stock, but we have raw materials to make thousands

Powercrete R65 1# Kits - 1000 in process
Powercrete R65 2# Kits - 2000 in process
Powercrete R65 4# Kits - 1000 in process
Powercete R65 10# Kits - none in stock but have raw material to make thousands

Powercrete R95 2# Kits - 1000 in stock, hundreds in process
Powercrete R95 4# Kits - 750 in stock, hundreds in process

     Beyond this, packaging has been revamped on the product.  We are selling these products (2# and 4#) only in quantities of 8 kits.  This allows us to insure proper packaging, best practices for hazmat shipping, etc. 

     As it stands now, a full pallet of 2# or 4# Powercrete J or Powercrete R65/F1 or Powercrete R95 consists of 192 kits.  I know that is an unusual number; but it fits very well and safely on a pallet. 

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