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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Powercrete R95 Kits

Powercrete R95 Kits

2# R95 Epoxy
A full pallet of Powercrete R95 2# Kits wrapped and strapped
     Joint Specialists is now kitting and stocking Powercrete R95 kits in both 2 pound and 4 pound.  These are sold as Powercrete R95 2# Kits and Powercrete R95 4# Kits.  We are able to offer some other sizes if necessary. 

    Available in any quantity of 8; a full pallet of either Powercrete R95 2# or Powercrete R95 4# would contain 192 kits (though we do not require full pallet sales). 

Powercrete R95
A few boxes of R95 4# Kits - "B" on top; "A" on bottom
      Powercrete R95 is a high build, solvent free, novolac epoxy coating.  It can be used for extra protection on top of FBE mainline coatings or as a direct to metal corrosion prevention coating.  R95 has excellent chemical resistance and can be used on pipelines operating at up to 95C (203F).  Powercrete R95 can a applied in up to 40 mils in one pass.  

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