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Monday, August 26, 2019

Can Powercrete J be used on other Epoxies?

Is Powercrete J Compatible with Other Epoxies?

     Recently, I've run across two or three different projects where the field joint coating specification is calling for two different epoxy coatings to be used to coat a field joint.  These specifications are calling for one non-Powercrete epoxy to act as the actual coating on the girth weld; and they call for Powercrete J to be used as an ARO coating to protect that other manufacturer's coating.

     This doesn't make a lot of sense.  I think the root of the problem is that there are some engineers out there today who are confused about the Powercrete product line.  Let me sum that up below.

     Powercrete (now called Powercrete-DD) is the premier abrasion resistant overcoat out in the market.  Superior to all competitors, Powercrete DD (directional drilling) has a successful use history that spans many years.  But, Powercrete DD is not a stand alone coating - it is exactly what it says:  an abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO). 

     As a matter of fact, Powercrete DD was performing so well; that the obvious question was being asked by customers:  This product is great!  Why don't you have a coating for the field joints??  That is where Powercrete J was originally born.  Powercrete J is a stand alone coating that also acts as its own ARO coating.  It is abrasion resistant; it also has great CD values and excellent performance in every other technical aspect that might be important to you. 

     The simple fact is:  Powercrete J is an excellent coating all on its own.  Though it is compatible as an overcoat for other epoxies (including FBE and Powercrete DD of course), it can be an inefficient use of resources (dollars and labor) to install an epoxy as the field joint coating; wait for it to fully cure; sand it down; then apply Powercrete J to it.  Why not just start with 40 or 60 mils of Powercrete J? 

     The same can be said of the other excellent SFL products:  Powercrete R65/F1 and Powercrete R95.  These are stand alone epoxy pipeline coatings. 

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