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Thursday, February 11, 2021

TPS Slip On Heat Shrink Tubes

 Covalence (formerly Raychem) TPS 

Tubular Pipe Sleeves / Slip On Shrink Sleeves

     Once upon a time (decades ago) the original heat shrink sleeves created by Raychem Corp were extruded tubes.   Wrap around shrink sleeves weren't developed until later.  The idea was simple though; prior to the weld being made, the shrink sleeve would be slid into place (and moved away from the weld joint).  Then the pipe would be welded; allowed to cool a bit and then the shrink sleeve would have been moved into its proper place (on top of properly preheated pipe); the release paper would have been removed and then the sleeve shrunk.  Simple. 

    Though TPS is no longer the TOP DOG (so to speak) in the pipeline coating world; or even in the shrink sleeves for corrosion prevention world; there is still quite a market for TPS slip on shrink sleeves (now manufactured by Covalence - a part of the Seal for Life family).  

     TPS shrink tubes are kept in stock at JSI's facility in Conroe, TX 77385.  We stock tubes that are specifically made for the following pipe outside diameters:

Sleeves are also made for 10.75" OD and 12.75" OD but we have never found much of a market for them.  They can be available in larger quantities though. 

     What are some of the great features of a TPS shrink sleeve?  
  • The butyl mastic is quite forgiving, meaning that the product can be installed on pipe that is wire brushed clean (and free of dirt, grease, etc).  
  • The product can be installed on pipe that has been preheated to only 140F (hand hot)
  • The installation process is quite simple:  clean, preheat, slide into place, shrink.  
  • Decades of use successful use history.  Despite what you may see in some of our competitors advertising; TPS is a great product.  In my 20 years I've not heard of a single failure or a single problem caused by this product.  If you have experienced one; please reach out and let me know about it:

     One of the greatest features of (many) Covalence shrink sleeves is the PCI (permanent change indicator).  Over the years it has also been called a permanent thermal indicator. This is a close up of the TPS sleeve backing (easily visible to the naked eye even without a close up as you can see in the first photo up above).  This cross hatch pattern in the TPS disappears as the shrunk tubing is properly shrunk; fading to a clean, smooth black surface.  

     This allows installers to see that they are properly shrink the TPS sleeve - and it allows inspectors; even if they a day or a week late; to see that the sleeve was properly shrunk.  It is a wonderful tool!.

     Now if you're looking for a product other than TPS; I would certainly love to speak to you about that.  Maybe you're looking for Canusa's PLA product.  Much like the TPS, PLA is a slip on (slide the shrink sleeve in place before the pipe is welded up) shrink sleeve.  I would love to talk to you about it.

    Likewise, maybe you're looking for heat shrink tubing that is designed for substrates smaller than 2.375".  Maybe you need something for 1" pipe and perhaps our Flexclad heat shrinkable tape would be the perfect product for you.  Maybe you're looking for something even smaller and you need Raychem's WCSM - low voltage heat shrink for splicing and sealing up cable connections (and cable repairs).

     No matter what your application is, I would love the opportunity to talk to you about the different options we might have available for you. 

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