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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

How do I Repair Powercrete J?


 Can Powercrete R65/F1 be used to Repair Powercrete J?

     Powercrete J is a fantastic product.  With incredible abrasion resistance it is really the ideal product for coating field joints on pipelines that will be involved with road bores and directional drills.  Powercrete J is the perfect compliment to Powercrete DD, Dual Layer FBE or other ARO coatings.  You've already spent a great deal of money to make sure that 39.5 feet of your pipeline have the best coating available.  Don't skimp on the field joints!  Powercrete J is the best choice you can make.

     But now, perhaps you've got an issue.  Maybe someone brushed up against the Powercrete J on your field joint while it was still in the gel state?  Maybe some knucklehead ran the holiday detector over the field joint before the Powercrete J was cured.  Maybe an installer didn't test the coating thickness and he left a coating on the weld itself that was only 5 mils thick?  

Powercrete J Repair Options

     In any case, for whatever reason; you need to make a repair to some Powercrete J.  What are your options?  (keep in mind - I'm looking at material options here - not discussing application procedure).

  1. You can simply (after proper steps) mix some more Powercrete J and use that to perform your repair.
  2. You can (after proper steps) use an R65/F1 50 ml cartridge for the repair (this is exactly what they are designed to do!)
  3. You can mix and apply R65/F1 hand applied kits (available in 1 pound kits for just this thing - Powercrete R65/F1 1# Kits)
  4. You can mix and apply Powercrete R95 hand applied kits

     In any case, we certainly have something sitting on the shelf and ready to go (and since you're already working with Powercrete J - you do too if time is an issue!)

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